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to rescue the other two. a 25-year-old man was blown to washington medical center with non life-threatening -- flown to washington medical center with non life-threatening injuries. the fire was brought under control. there is no word yet on the cause. >> yesterday, temperatures were pushing toward 60. today was a little bit chillier. still some sunshine across the region and technically a little warmer than normal, but a lot chillier than yesterday. mostly in the low 40's in the region and over in two parts of howard and montgomery counties. to the south, we see the front that brought in the cooler air is still generating some rain across parts of central virginia and some mixed precipitation in the mountains of west virginia. it looks like that wilstay to the south tonight, but a strong research of moisture will come rolling in tonight and tomorrow. some wet and maybe winter rather here for thursday night and friday morning. >> baltimore city police are looking into the latest homicide. a man was shot yesterday afternoon on north caroline street in east baltimore. the man was
to please come forward. the man whose car plunged into the icy waters of rock creek in washington, d.c., was a recent john hopkins driver. the car was almost submerged in the icy water. it took rescuers about 10 minutes because of the water froze and around it. joshua coleman was taken to hospital but died that afternoon. he graduated last year. >> lawyers for one of the suspects in the murder of a former baltimore city councilman say that key evidence needs to be tossed out our investigative reporter is live in the newsroom with details. >> there could be serious questions about the case. it involves the 2008 murder of ken harris. it was one of the city's most violent high-profile crimes. >> his suspect was linked to the murder through dna. his lawyers are arguing they improperly obtained the dna by stating under a it was for a different murder occurred before harris was killed. the lawyers argue that police had no probable cause to get his dna in the harris case. they used the old case as the hook and then compare the dna to the evidence in the harris case. the lawyers say it was e
in washington. >> the 900-foot ship typically takes five days to mobilize, but the pressure is on to pull out as quickly as possible. >> you have to first wait for supplies, you have to bring crew on board. >> buses arrived on friday carrying some of the 560 medical staff, while maine is workers readied the ship unloaded tons of food and medical supplies. >> i am honored to go out and help. >> we spoke to the captain, who is eager to leave port, but believes it is important to process the group. >> it will help the mentally prepare for what they are going to see. >> stateside, they are seeing just how valuable their mission is to leaders like governor martin o'malley. formalities aside, they are ready to head out to sea and help the people of haiti. crew members are continuing to check-in at this hour. tonight that will be addressed by the u.s. surgeon general. they plan to set sail tomorrow morning. we will have more specific medical details on what the crew expect to encounter when they get to haiti. >> lowell melser is on the usns comfort. over the next week, he will be reporting on the di
, grabbing a burger at the local diner. >> is just nice being out of washington. next he ticked off alike -- a list of first year successes. >> i am not going to walk away just because it is hard. we will keep on working to get this done. with democrats, i hope with republicans, anybody who is willing to step up. >> a determined obama, ignoring low poll numbers, promising jobs, defending his new crack down on banks. >> i just want to have some rules and place so that when these guys make dumb decisions, you do not end up having to foot the bill. that is pretty straightforward. i do not mind having that fight. >> a fight is waiting back in washington. >> should we have the federal government fell everything up by putting its ugly nose into the business? >> the american people are asking where are the jobs? >> the of -- the agenda is under fire, but he promised to move forward. >> i went when you win. >> health care remains a big issue here in washington. today the white house shifted focus to the economy, which polls show is the number-one issue with voters. >> still to come, of law and an
could cause dealers -- could cost dealers to $0.5 billion per month. washington is already asking questions. two congressional hearings are scheduled, the first is next week. >> he won a small fortune playing the lottery, and then just disappeared. >> tonight police said they know what happened to a missing florida man. we will update the investigation in the next half hour. >> there is plenty of h1n1 flu vaccine to go around, but many people are not getting t >> the h1n1 vaccine, there is plenty of it in maryland, and is often free, so why aren't more people getting it? that is a big worry for state health officials, who want everyone to be vaccinated against the h1n1 swine flu. right now, the loop -- response is lukewarm at best. there are more than a dozen places where you can get a free shot tomorrow. >> i am at liberty family resource center. health officials are so concerned that they are actually opening 16 clinics tomorrow, hoping that people will come out and get the shot to better protect themselves. the mascot carries a message, the h1n1 flu shot is fast, free, and is f
. the official job break -- unemployment rate remained steady at 10%. brian moore has more from washington. >> ups announced it is slashing its work force by 1800. they will be joining the 85,000 americans who lost their jobs in december. >> we had over half a million workers give up and drop out of the labor force. you are not actively seeking work, you are no longer counted as officially unemployed. >> without clear signs of an economic turnaround, companies remain hesitant to hire. >> it is not just confidence, it is also access to credible lending. >> the nation has lost more than 7 million jobs since the recession began. >> the road to recovery is never straight. we have to continue to work every single day to get our economy moving again. >> president obama is highlighting a program to grow internally friendly, green jobs. this plant that'will be getting5 million in tax credits to save energy and jobs. critics claim the obama administration has not created enough jobs. >> it may be cold outside, but orange juice prices are red-hot, due to cold weather. the cold snap hit florida's ora
-- health and human services secretary kicked off the week at a church in washington. they're urging the community and faith-based groups to reach out to members about the importance of being vaccinated through newsletters, bulletin's, and messages during services. >> saturday as the last day for christmas tree pickup in baltimore county. residents are urged to place and decorated trees at the front curtain a later than saturday. trees are being recycled every saturday at the citizen drop-off center in south baltimore. if you cannot bring the tree to the drop-off site, they will be picked up kerbside through the 29th of the month on a regular traps -- regular trash collection day. >> maryland is taking steps to tackle the growing cyber threat. >> pregnant women have a lot to worry about. one thing that they may want to consider is using the right kind of cosmetics. we have those details coming up. >> is exercising, if it is a new resolution, your running shoes may be hurting him more than they help you. >> senator harry reid is under fire for a racial comment about the president. apo
announced that m and t and landover will be included for the world cup in 2018. baltimore, washington and 16 other venues will be included in the usa bid. it is the most popular sporting event in the world. >> is aged 35 and 240? if you are stressed out, it may seem so. >> you have heard of people being allergic to dust and eggs. but can you be allergic to cold? >> census 2010 means lots of jobs for maryland. >> if you look at it, they are the stepping stones to give you the experience you need to be quote q for the place that i am at -- to be quick to for the place that i am. >>stephanie rollings. >> retailers are trying new strategies to get consumers to strategies to get consumers to spend more last year, my little guy got the flu... and it was bad. there's nothing more important than the ones you love, which is why now is the time to protect them and yourself. h1n1 flu vaccines are available every day, no appointment necessary, at minuteclinic, the walk-in clinic inside select cvs/pharmacies. it's peak flu season, so don't risk it. get vaccinated for h1n1 flu today. to find a minuteclini
. >> back in washington, democrats echoed that. >> jobs, jobs, and jobs. >> but democrats are still pushing health care reform. >> if that does not work, we will parachute in, but we will get health care reform passed the american people. >> it sounds after the state of the union like the same obama agenda. >> he did not reinvent himself. >> republicans agreed and complained. >> there was nothing in the president's speech to indicate there was any willingness to sit down and work together. >> barack obama it -- admits he is back in campaign mode, fighting, he says, for working folks. >> that is why i ran for the state's senate, the u.s. senate, that is why i ran for president, to fight for people here in tampa and people here in florida. >> obama in 2010 sounding a lot like obama in 2008. >> the key focus is -- the key difference is his focus on jobs. >> what did you think of the president's state of the union address? you can leave your comments on you'll find a link on the homepage. >> emotions ran high in the house judiciary committee today. supporters and opponents of the an
in the white house to deal with the threat. from washington, wbal tv 11 news. >> still to come, a teacher is facing punishment after she took a students mug shot. >> and more bad news for a woman almost killed by a pet chimpanzee last year. >> new technology and new come on, kids, we've got to go! oh, no! yeah, oh, no, i got to go. oh, can you make that to-go? these days, nobody has time to get sick, but minute clinic makes it easy to get well. our nurse practitioners can diagnose and write prescriptions for everything from strep throat to sinus infections, with no appointment necessary, so you can feel better in no time. you guys want to go to the park? yeah! yeah! minute clinic -- the medical clinic inside cvs/pharmacy. find one near you at >> and ohio hospital had unfortunate news for a connecticut woman attacked them blinded by a chimpanzee last year. they said that's charles mathias -- that's charla nash was agnon's candidates for surgery this year. a team can see right off much of her face. now to new mexico -- and man's mouth was taped shut by
minutes, we will check in with our reporter who is live in washington with more on what the lawmakers are hoping to hear from the president. >> in the wake of a controversial supreme court decision allowing unlimited contributions, maryland lawmakers are rolling out some laws that might limit of those contributions. >> outdoor exercise enthusiasts say you should bundle up and get outside. >> first-time home buyers can find out everything they need to know in a seminar. >> the federal hill couple see ya! bye, mom! we're here! [ giggling ] okay, girls. mom, i don't feel good. me, either. these days, nobody has time to get sick, but minute clinic makes it easy to get well. our nurse practitioners can diagnose and write prescriptions for everything from strep throat to sinus infections, with no appointment necessary. so you can feel better in no time. minute clinic -- the medical clinic inside cvs/pharmacy. find one near you at come on, we're going to a steakhouse yes, i wear dentures super poligrip seals the denture to your gum and it prevents food from penetrating it w
the better end of the deal. pñ'traci has more of the storym washington. >> after saying, "i-team" most couples say "-- after saying i do, most couples say i work, both of them today, depue research center found that 22% of women make more than their husbands. >> he is now getting a working spouse, someone who will generate significant amounts of income. >> on the flip side, the study found that more women are earning menu were in the same or less and have less education, giving women a greater voice in family finances. >> we found that wende has been as the final -- [unintelligible] >> but women who help out at home are still helping the bottom line. >> a woman who might not earn as much as we might be -- as me might not be paying for child- care and might be making more meals than i do for her family. >> this research suggests income may play an important role after you say i do. the five -- the study found women's income has jumped 34% since 1970, but men, only 4%. but men still learn more. -- earned more. >> it is hard to believe it has been a month since the blizzard of december. i
cover everything from basic seat belt laws should distracted and drunk driving legislation. washington, d.c ranks first in safety, with new jersey and illinois close behind. >> well childhood obesity is a serious problem, the number of american kids and teens who are overweight has remained fairly steady over the past decade. bmi is considered a measure of height and weight. 10% of infants and toddlers have a high bmi and 8% of teenagers do, but research shows this rate has remained stable for the past several years. we have done several stories about potential health risks associated with the chemical bpa. tonight, new research says high levels may be linked to an increased risk for heart disease. it is used to soften plastic, and most of us have in our body. questions about its safety have been raised, and bpa has been removed from some products including baby bottles and sippy cups. it is the new year, new promises to get healthy by eating right and exercising. here are some tips from experts on how to make 20 tenure best year yet. -- how to make 2010 your best year yet. out with th
this some time ago. at the end of the day, we could use a much better relationship in washington d.c.. some people thought that this would have happened a month ago. if not sooner. >> blake is waiting for the mayor to make her statement -- >> that was classy. >> yes, before giving her statement. but they both pledge to work together in transition. that has got to be a big win for the city. >> remember, they worked together on the campaign, maybe six months or so ago. there on the same page working together, but it is good to take the high road. it is nice to be important, but it is important to be nice. >> hopefully, it will go that way. >> it is good window dressing. the new mayor should have her sights on what is important, this legislative assembly coming up, this one next year. this is the official kickoff for an 18 month campaign for the mayor in 2011. >> coverage continues after this. [ male announcer ] it's our hottest offer of the season, but it's melting fast. this is your last chance to get $150 back plus a free multi-room dvr for 3 months when you switch to verizon fios tv, inter
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14